Hydroponics: A vast prospects on modern agriculture

Shahadat Sumon:

The population of the world is increasing day by day and the whole world is facing acute cultivation space shortage due to their unplanned accommodations. To fulfill those huge populations’ basic needs, there has no scope of ignoring agricultural production on a large scale.

In recent years, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent which is actually a subset of hydro-culture is getting popular day by day. That modern agricultural system which has no need of soil plot is well known as Hydroponics.

Hydroponics can be implemented on a limited land or a land being heavily contaminated or where any soil doesn’t exists. So, this procedure can be fruitful on our country’s most southern part where about 50 lakes hector of land being submerged under salt water and people can’t cultivate any single seasonal crops over the years. The mechanism also shows lining to get food for astronauts in space as there has no soil and they have to stay there a long time. Even in our city areas, the rate of decreasing husbandry areas also make the environmentalists care-worn in this regard.

Again, hydroponics gives us the opportunity of cultivating fruits or vegetables over the year regardless of the season. We can get winter seasonal foods in summer or rainy seasonal foods in autumn with the grace of this procedure. As hydroponic growers can have total control over the temperature, humidity, light intensification, the composition of the air, any climate change can’t affect on the production of foods to get maximum business profit.

Another advantage of Hydroponics is it requires little water to grow the plant. Plants absorbs until amount of water from the system and the rest will return to the hydroponically set up media. Only 10 percent of water compared to field-grown is captured in this process- researcher’s said. Evaporation and leaks are only two forms of losing water from the system. But analyzers hoped that a proper hydroponically setup system can minimize those losses of water.

Although two thirds of the earth is water, in cultivating plants those all types of water isn’t suitable and the subterranean water level is getting far from the earth surface gradually. Again some water is heavily salty mostly in our countries Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat region. Somewhere water is contaminated by dust from industries which may be harmful to our human body as heavy metal like Mercury, Cadmium can inter into our body by using those water. That may cause cancer like disease.

So water will become a critical issue in the near future when food production is predicted to increase by 70% according to the FAQ and hydroponics can only then rescue us from this situation.

To achieve this goal of further production this process can be a best choice as here we can get food at a low cost. Because of a hydroponically ideal system, plants can be directly contacted to the provided nutrients and they have no need to waste valuable energy in searching for diluted nutrients in the soil. For this reason they can shift all of their focus on growing and producing fruits. As all of the minerals are contained in water in this procedure, we can measure and adjust the pH levels of water mixture much more easily compared to the soils. That ensures the optimal nutrients assumption of plants.

Indirectly it helps us to minimize the cost of providing nutrients and as they improve their strong root system, they become less attacked by insects. It also helps us getting cleaner and healthier foods. Besides without having irritating works for someone like tilling, watering, cultivating and fumigating weeds and pests, hydroponics is becoming a hobby in both city and rural areas. In a Family having manpower shortage who can maintain crops on field also comes up blessing through this procedure as all equipment used in hydroponics are easier to install.

Another reason for choosing this procedure as a hobby is its technology-based dust free process to fulfill the interest of staying in touch with nature. So gardening with hydroponics procedure after daylong stress on office duty can make a boring life colorful with fresh tasty fruits, flowers and spending relaxing time in a little green space.

Shahadat Sumon
Student, Department of Chemistry
Session: 2017-18, 3rd year
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342

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