Tech Giants in Talks: Apple May Use Google’s AI Tools

Google on iPhone

As indicated in recent news, the iPhone manufacturing company, Apple, is considering moving significantly with Alphabet, the Google parent company. They are discussing using some special Google’s AI tools, known as Gemini, in future iPhones. These tools belong to a category called “generative AI,” which contains chatbots that can talk to you and coding assistants that help write computer programs.

This information made investors happy since they bought more of Google stock, which rose over 4%, and Apple shares went up slightly under 1%. However, why is this news such a big deal? This may mean new features on iPhones for users worldwide.

What Could Change in Your iPhone?

The iPhone could become smarter and more helpful due to Gemini’s tools, which may lead to new features. Just imagine asking your iPhone to assist you in writing an email or a shopping list; it understands or helps you much better than ever before. This may happen with the next major iOS upgrade, iOS18, later this year, as usually discussed during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

In February, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, stated about a significant resource project on artificial intelligence, which will be rolled out later this year. Thus, including Gemini in the iPhone is one of those steps.

Still Deciding the Details

Source: Photo by Torsten Dettlaff

However, Apple and Alphabet still need to sort things out accordingly. The two companies haven’t established how they will proceed with each other or what the new entity will be referred to as. Apple has also been discussing possible collaborations with OpenAI and other AI firms.

That means Apple may want to use Google’s AI tools to make their iPhones more intelligent. Such improvements might bring new characteristics that make using an iPhone more helpful and interesting. However, since these talks are ongoing and numerous details remain unresolved, we cannot know what will come from them.

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