Blommer Chocolate in Chicago to close

Beloved Blommer Chocolate Factory to Shut Down in Chicago, Plans for Future Expansion Revealed

In an epochal shift, Blommer Chocolate has announced that it will close its initial manufacturing factory in Chicago. The news had evoked mixed feelings in chocolate lovers and locals since 1939, when the plant became a city landmark. The company is closing this factory for its modernization plan and investing in Canadian facilities. A Historic…

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FujiFilm Industry.

Fujifilm Takes Kodak to Court Over Patent Infringement, Seeks Justice for Stolen Tech

Fujifilm has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Eastman Kodak to defend its technological advances. This is one of the most significant legal battles in the printing and photography sector and in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. There could be major implications for innovation rights because Fujifilm claims that…

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