Rumors of ‘Little Nicky 2’ on Netflix Debunked: The Truth Behind the Viral Poster

Rumors of 'Little Nicky 2' on Netflix Debunked: The Truth Behind the Viral Poster

For several days, there has been so much talk on the internet about a possible follow-up to Adam Sandler’s 2000 comedy film, Little Nicky. A poster titled “Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation,” which is said to be for a new Netflix release, started going viral, making many fans and media houses wonder if it was true. However, upon closer examination, the circulating rumors and the poster have been exposed as doctored images.

The Fake Poster Phenomenon

The central piece of speculation, which is the poster, shows Adam Sandler in his role as Nicky, clad in a long red robe and pajamas, while he poses with an arrogant smile against the New York City skyline. Additionally, he still dons his partner Beefy from the original movie owing to the conspicuous horns sprouting from his hairline. Besides its realistic appearance, various discrepancies have caused this poster to be proven fake at first sight.

Firstly, about overall format and background of the alleged sequel’s poster remained unchanged apart from an updated cityscape silhouette. Furthermore, Sandler’s image is directly copied from the initial movie’s poster, except that only his clothes were manipulated, and horns were poorly introduced via Photoshop. Because of these manipulations, there is no hope for this sequel’s existence since they indicate a lack of authenticity.

Image Source- Yahoo

No Sequel in Sight

The poster generated broad curiosity and enthusiasm. However, there are numerous indications that Little Nicky 2 is just a made-up scenario by the internet. Adam Sandler’s filmography lacks movies with sequels, as only three of them (Grown Ups, Hotel Transylvania, Murder Mystery) have follow-up films. Neither Sandler nor any original cast members or production team associates have hinted at or discussed the possibility of revisiting the character of Nicky.

Where to Watch the Original

Little Nicky can be easily streamed over Tubi by any fan who wants to get back the comedy of that movie. Alternatively, it is available for rent or purchase on different online platforms. The original film, nonetheless, continues to amuse people with a fresh mixture of humor and fantasy.

As we have seen, the rumors circulating about Little Nicky 2 being available on Netflix are entirely false; the poster went viral, showing it was nothing more than an intelligent but misleading fake. However, they will only be left with options other than watching the first movie for their love of Adam Sandler’s weird version of Satan’s child.

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