First Day Of Spring 2024 – Read About The Vernal Equinox

This image indicates the beginning of Spring in 2024.

March 19, 2024, is almost here, and as the calendar changes, people in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the first day of spring. This day is called the vernal equinox, which indicates a major difference between the two seasons. On this day, all places have almost equal amounts of daylight and darkness, thus bringing about a perfect balance of lightness and darkness in all corners of the world.

Springtime is a time for new beginnings characterized by renewal and growth. Flowers bloom while trees grow new leaves, and animals emerge from their hideouts after hibernation. The Vernal Equinox represents new starts; it’s seen as an indication that there are warmer days ahead. After long and cold winter months, seeing greenery again and longer days relieves many.

Understanding Equinoxes and Solstices

This name, “equinox,” comes from two Latin words meaning “equal night.” This name has been given because there are equal hours in the day and at night during an equinox. When the Earth orbits around the sun, it does so at an angle due to which either hemisphere (Northern or Southern) gets more sunlight for the most part of the year. Nevertheless, both hemispheres receive the same amount of sunshine during the equinox due to Earth’s tilt aligning with its orbit.

Equinoxes differ from solstices, which happen twice yearly and mark summer and winter anew. The solstices are the times during the year when the Earth is tilted most towards or away from the sun, causing either the longest or shortest days.

The Seasons of the Year

Source: Photo by Pixabay

Though many consider seasons according to an astronomical calendar, which includes equinoxes and solstices, there is also a meteorological way of defining them. This method breaks down the year into four three-month periods based on average temperature cycles for easier weather forecasting and climate research. Under this reckoning, spring starts on March 1.

But still, there is something special about astronomical Spring that brings hope and happiness. It reminds us of our planet’s amazing journey around its parent star and how it naturally balances itself. As we enjoy longer hours of daylight and warmer temperatures, this is what the vernal equinox asks people to do while celebrating nature’s rebirth and new beginnings for everybody.

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